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Online HR software for small business, medium business, and your business

MyPaperLessOffice is an online human resources management system designed to help make work life easier for your entire company, not just the HR department. Executives can rest easier because MyPaperLessOffice can positively impact the bottom line by increasing efficiency, reducing HR costs, and helping manage compliance. Human Resources can focus less on administrative tasks and more on the strategic functions of HR. All employees can benefit from the easy access to information and improved communication that MyPaperLessOffice can provide. By electronically automating many of the complex tasks and processes normally associated with HR, MyPaperLessOffice offers tremendous benefits. Perhaps most importantly, MyPaperLessOffice is a human resources management system that can actually help save employers money in the long run in a variety of ways.

It saves time. Plenty of it.

Most HR executives are managing at least 3-5 different employee databases whether it be related to their payroll system, various benefit programs, applicant tracking system, performance management system, time clocks, intranets, and so on. MyPaperLessOffice takes information from all of these different sources and puts them in one place, and reduces the amount of tedious administrative work that HR people have to deal with, allowing them to spend more time managing people, not paper.

Reduce errors caused by duplication

When an HR executive is forced to download information to numerous spreadsheets and then upload them to other programs, there’s bound to be some mistakes. Since MyPaperLessOffice eliminates redundancies by enabling you to consolidate your data into a single system of record, it also eliminates those mistakes. All of your data is entered in one place and all of your data can be found in one place. Updates and changes are instantly available throughout your organization.

24/7 Employee Self-Service

The majority of your employees have access to a PC or smartphone these days, and for those that don't, you can easily create a “kiosk” at your company for employees who do not have direct internet access. This allows employees to get the information they want, when they want it, without having to involve their manager or human resource executive in the process. Eliminating these never-ending “got a minutes” is priceless.

24/7 Supervisor Self-Service

No longer does a supervisor or manager have to go to HR to ask them to pull an employee file to prepare for the performance evaluation. With our easy to use HRMS software, they can simply go online to do so within moments. Managers can review time cards, edit time sheets, manage time off, log employee notes, track training, issue warnings, send kudos, conduct performance reviews, manage goals, and more.

A paperless office

Imagine, no more personnel files or large storage cabinets. The result is less time involvement, better data storage management, and freed up space.

Meaningful HR reports at your fingertips

Get a grip on how well you’re managing the hiring process, employee turnover, performance management, training, compensation, benefits costs, time off balances, and more. MyPaperLessOffice has a suite of reports that will help facilitate strategic HR thinking.

Document storage and file integrity

MyPaperLessOffice is housed in a Fort Knox-like environment in some of the most high-tech facilities in the country. As a result, your employee data is much more secure than if it were housed in your own office. Whether it is a hurricane, blizzard, fire, or computer failure, your data is still protected.


One of the key benefits of a HRIS is in compliance. With MyPaperLessOffice, dealing with compliance issues like an I-9 audit, producing attendance and break records, or providing evidence of progressive discipline for a wrongful termination lawsuit is a snap.

Connect your data

MyPaperLessOffice can talk to other systems when you need it. We can integrate with third-party payroll vendors, benefit carriers, CRMs, and time & attendance solutions, providing complete connection of your information even across separate platforms. Want to connect your existing payroll system to our HRMS? No problem. We can build a bridge to connect the two systems, whether that be a simple file import/export or web services to provide two-way communication in real time. Our integration services allow you to connect people, information, and processes across platforms throughout your enterprise.

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